Frequently Asked Questions

  • What student organizations are offered at La Salle?
    • There are over 100 student organizations at La Salle University. Our organizations include academic clubs, honor societies, liturgical organizations, multicultural organizations, political organizations, performing arts, fraternity and sorority life, service organizations, student media organizations, and more!
  • How do I join them?
    • Every year and/or semester, students come to the Activities Fair and Performing Arts Night to showcase what their organizations have to offer to the University. These two events are a great opportunity for you to explore all of the options that we have here at La Salle University.
  • Can I start my own organization?
    • Yes! New student organizations wishing to be recognized should register their organizations with the Coordinator for Leadership and New Student Programs.in the Community Development Office in La Salle Union 303. For more information see Forming New Student Organizations (link to page).
  • My organization wants to do a fundraiser. How do I get approval for it?
    • All student organizations must gain approval by the Coordinator for Leadership and New Student Programs prior to holding a fundraiser for community service/philanthropies or organizational funding purposes. For more information see Student Organization Fundraising (link to page)
  • My organization wants to do a big event. How can we get funding from the University to have this event?
    • There are several ways at La Salle University that student organizations can use to gain funding for an event. Some of these sources include; the funding board, the annual budget allotment, fundraisers, Late Night La Salle and more! For more information please see student organization funding opportunities (link)
  • My organization wants to reserve a space. Who do I talk to?
    • For spacing in the Union please contact Kyra Spoto at spoto@lasalle.edu
    • For spacing in Academic Buildings please contact Brother Edward Koronkiewicz at koronkie@lasalle.edu
  • I want to join a fraternity/sorority. How do I do that?
    • For first year students:
      • The University has a deferred recruitment policy, which means that you are not eligible to join a fraternity or sorority until the spring semester. As that time, you must have a GPA of at least a 2.5 to go through recruitment.
  • For non-first year students:
    • Eligible both Fall and Spring semester
    • Must maintain a GPA of at least a 2.5
  • Transfer students
    • Decisions on when you can join are made on a case by case basis. Please contact greeklife@lasalle.edu for more information if you are interested in fraternity/sorority life.
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