• Undergraduate Housing




    La Salle University maintains a variety of housing options for undergraduate students and apartment housing for graduate students. The various residences are located throughout campus and include 12 residence halls, two apartment complexes, and a townhouse complex. Specific amenities and descriptions are as follows:

    Amenities internet

    • Connection point to the internet in every room
    • Telephone service
    • Cable connection (cable television service is an individually contracted service with Comcast)
    • All furnishings
    • Window shades
    • Lounges with cable television
    • Community kitchens
    • Laundry facilities
    • Vending areas*
    * Gold Card may be used at some locations for these services.


    North Halls (St. Albert, St. Bernard, St. Cassian, St. Denis, St. George, St. Hilary, St. Jerome, and St. Katherine)
    These residence halls are located at the corner of 20th Street and Olney Avenue and offer a variety of room styles, which include double rooms (11’x17’), standard triples, and single rooms. The residence halls are co-ed by floor. The mailroom for the north halls residents is adjacent to the entrance of the complex.
    *Please note that St. Katharine hall also offers quad units. these units include two double rooms with an adjoining bathroom. No single rooms are available in St. Katharine hall.

    St. Edward and St. Francis
    These two residence halls are located adjacent to the Hayman Center and offer double rooms (11’x17’), and single rooms. These residence halls have the same features as the North Halls Complex with the mailroom located in the neighboring St. Miguel townhouses.

    St. Neumann
    St. Neumann is adjacent to St. Basil Court, the Communication Center, the IBC Fitness Center, and Treetops Café. Double rooms, standard triples, and single rooms are available. St. Neumann offers the same features as North Halls with the addition of a multi-purpose lounge that includes a pool table and a full kitchen. The mailroom is located in the lobby of the neighboring Treetops Café.

    St. Basil Court
    St. Basil Court is adjacent to the baseball field, IBC Fitness Center, St. Neumann, and Treetops Cafe. This facility features suites and double rooms which are co-ed by door. Suite style rooms feature two double bedrooms with a shared entrance and bathroom with two vanities. Floors with double rooms contain community bathroom and shower facilities. This facility is air-conditioned, equipped with a fire sprinkler system, and offers common areas located at the end of each floor, a dance studio, a group study lounge, and a large group lounge. The mailroom for St. Basil Court residents is located in the lobby of the Treetops Café.