• Apartments & Townhouses


    • Connection point to the internet in every bedroom
    • Telephone service provided through a connection
    point in the kitchen
    • Cable television connection provided in the living room
    (cable television service is an individually contracted
    service with Comcast)
    • All furnishings
    • Full kitchens
    • Window shades
    • Wall-to-wall carpeting
    • Laundry facilities
    • Vending areas*
    * Gold Card may be used at some locations for these services.


    La Salle Apartments
    These apartments are located on the corner of Chew and Wister streets and house students in fully furnished, two-bed- room, three-person units. La Salle Apartments residents may retrieve their mail at the North Halls Mailroom.

    St. Teresa Court Apartments
    These apartments are located one block west of the La Salle Apartments and house undergraduate and graduate students in fully furnished, one-bedroom (two-person undergrad/one-person grad) and two-bedroom (three-person undergrad/two-person grad) units. St. Teresa Court residents retrieve their mail from the St. Miguel Mailroom.

    St. Miguel Townhousesmiguel
    The townhouses are located on the west side of campus, adjacent to St. Edward & Francis Halls and the Hayman Center. designed for upper division students, St. Miguel offers three-story, five-person units, which are fully furnished and feature four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and central air conditioning. Laundry facilities, a vending area, and the mailroom are located in the community area near the entrance to the townhouses.