Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I commute to campus with via vehicle and need a parking pass for the semester. Where do I go?

Visit the Parking Office on main campus (located next to the Wister building) to apply for a parking permit. There are options for yearly or semester permits. Click here for more information.

Does La Salle University provide SEPTA Transpasses at a student discounted price?

As of now, the University does not sell SEPTA Transpasses. However, tokens are available for purchase at the University Bookstore (1st floor, Wister building).  Transpasses as well tokens may be purchased at SEPTA Olney Transportation Center

As a commuter, is it possible to be involved in extracurricular activities?

Of course! Many commuter students are quite involved in an array of student organizations and activities in Greek life, student government, intramurals, service groups, etc. Assess your interests, talk to classmates, and visit campus departments to learn more about opportunities to get involved.  For questions about activities and leadership, please contact Pete Lafferty, Community Coordinator for Leadership Development at (215) 951-1669 or at: The possibilities are endless!

Between classes, I don’t have any place to unwind or study. Are there designated spaces on campus for commuter students?

Yes, we have two commuter spaces located in the Union building. The Commuter Lounge (Lower Level of the Union) is the central gathering space for many commuters. There are numerous tables to socialize around and study, lockers available for rent (See Administrative Services for more details), a pool table, and plenty of activities throughout the semester to partake in. The Commuter TV Lounge (1st floor across the Dan Rodden Theater) is a great place to study or catch up on your favorite TV show. You will often find other commuters in the space relaxing between classes or dining.

A couple friends and I are considering renting a property in the Off-Campus community; does Off-Campus Communities offer resources for potential tenants?

You have come to the right place. Attend a scheduled Off-Campus information session or contact Off-Campus Communities at 215-951-1916 to set up a consultation meeting with the Director of Off-Campus Communities or the Off-Campus Community Coordinator. The 30 minute consultation covers an overview of:

  • The community
  • La Salle’s Off-Campus behavior policy
  • Tips for safety
  • Security Resources
  • Basic tenant knowledge
  • Property database access

For additional information see the “So You Want to live Off-Campus” slide show located on the Off-Campus Communities tab

I am a local landlord/property manager interested in adverting my listing to La Salle Students. How do I begin this process?  May I post my flyers around campus?

You can submit details of your property by simply clicking on the “Landlords” tab of this website. You will need to accept the prompted statement before proceeding to the database entry form. Once your listing is approved, the property will become a part of the internal database that is shared with students that have expressed interest in Off-Campus Housing options.  Flyers regarding properties may NOT be posted around campus.  If flyers are found posted on campus, your online listing will be pulled from the database.

For more information, please contact us at 215-951-1916 or at

I am a community resident that would like to voice my concerns regarding a student rented property. Is there a formal process that I need to follow?

If your concern is urgent, please contact La Security and Safety at 215-951-1300. Our security department patrols the Off-Campus community 24/7, and can speak with you to create a formal incident report. These reports are forwarded daily to our department. La Salle Security Documentation is necessary in our ability to maintain a fair and due process for holding individuals and houses accountable for disruptive behavior.  During business hours you may also contact the Director of Off-Campus Communities at 215-951-1916 or the Off-Campus Community Coordinator at 215-951-5057

Does La Salle University rent properties to students in the Off-Campus Community?

No.  While there may be properties owned by La Salle, the institution is not in the business of renting these properties to students

Landlords wishing to advertise their property should see the Landlords tab.