Listing Properties

Information for Landlords Wishing to Rent Properties to La Salle Students

  • Landlords are responsible for upholding Basic Tenant Rights when renting to La Salle Students
  • The University expects that students conduct themselves with honesty, integ­rity, civility, and citizenship both on and off campus.  As citizens in the neighborhood and leasers of property, students must act in a proactive manner to decrease the likelihood of seriously disruptive behavior in and around their homes by choosing carefully those who share their lease and those who are guests.   Students must clearly communicate expectations of roommates and guests and take steps when those expectations are not met.
  • While the University will interject regarding behavior Off-Campus, we expect that Landlords are active in ensuring and addressing misconduct and disruption
  • Maintaining a safe environment in and around your property  and promoting good neighborly behavior from student renters is paramount
  • There is a high correlation between absentee Landlords and disruptive homes in the Off-Campus Communities.  By providing your home to La Salle students it is imperative that you are actively involved in the  property
  • Off-Campus Communities will contact landlords in the event  of repeated concerns reported on your property
  • Each August, Off-Campus Communities performs an intensive Roster collection of all students living off campus to meet the City Ordinance requirement of reporting where all University students are living. 
    Notifying Off-Campus Communities by e-mailing of student rented properties will assist in this process as well as increase our ability to extend University Resources to the Off-Campus Community
  • In order to continually build relationships with our Off-Campus Community partners we will host a semesterly meeting with our landlords.  Please include your contact information below so that we may send you additional information regarding these meetings and other occurrences
  • By posting your listing, you may receive special offers and discounts from our sponsors.


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