Off-Campus Policy


La Salle University expects that students conduct themselves with honesty, integ­rity, civility, and citizenship both on and off campus. The University is committed to assisting neighborhood residents and students are expected to prevent and respond to disruptive incidents that may arise from student behavior in the local community.

Seriously disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to:

• excessive and/or unreasonable noise

• large disruptive activities

• illegal use, sale, and/or distribution of alcohol or other drugs

• trash

• rude and abusive language

• public urination or related violations of local community standards.


Disciplinary investigation and charges will be initiated when the University becomes aware of such behavior in the surrounding community.

As citizens in the neighborhood and leasers of property, students must act in a proactive manner to decrease the likelihood of seriously disruptive behavior in and around their homes by choosing carefully those who share their lease and those who are guests.

Students must clearly communicate expectations of roommates and guests and take steps when those expectations are not met.


Students’ responsibility in University disciplinary actions increases if the University becomes aware that they have not taken these steps to decrease the possibility of disruptive or dangerous behavior.

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