Off-Campus Recognition Program

Become a Great Neighbor!

La Salle University expects that students conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, civility and citizenship both on and off campus.  As citizens in the neighborhood and leasers of property, students must act in a proactive manner to decrease the likelihood of seriously disruptive behavior in and around their homes by choosing carefully those who share their lease and are their guests.


Houses with no complaints deserve recognition!
In the spring, we’ll have a party in your honor!

Nearly 70% of student homes qualified last year…
Get your house invited by being a Great Neighbor!


Tips for being a great neighbor:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Consider your neighbors’ lifestyles.
  • Offer a helping hand.
  • Keep up the appearance of your property.
  • Alert your neighbors to parties.
  • Be aware of shared walls.
  • Respect!


Sponsored by La Salle Community Development ~ Off Campus Living ~215-951-1916

Director of Off -Campus & Commuter Communities: TiRease Holmes ~ Off Campus Community Coordinator: Dennis Velez