About Us

Welcome to the La Salle University Student Counseling Center.

College is a time of change: meeting new people, possibly living in a new environment, and making decisions about the future. The transition is not always easy. La Salle University’s Student Counseling Center is here to help you successfully make the adjustment to college life. Our staff is committed to your personal, educational, and career development. We offer a wide range of services to assist you in meeting the challenges and choices faced throughout your college years.

The Student Counseling Center of La Salle University has been providing services to members of the La Salle community since 1949. Students come to the Student Counseling Center for a variety of reasons including anxiety, shyness, depression, sexual issues, clarification of academic or career goals, and concerns regarding alcohol and other drug. Counseling offers you the opportunity to identify, clarify, and resolve issues of importance to you in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality. Within the context of the counseling relationship, you are able to freely express your thoughts, feelings, and concerns to someone who listens and is prepared to work with you to arrive at new ways of looking at things. If you’re interested in speaking with someone to sort out the present or the future, we’re here to listen and help.