Community Development

We will promote and support high standards for conduct in our community. We will actively identify and mentor student leaders, encourage and support involvement in student organizations, effectively train and develop our staff, and provide strong programs of welcome and transition for new students. [top]

  • Alan B. Wendell, Senior Associate Dean of Students, 215-951-1916,
  • Will Toffling, Director of Community Standards and Support, 215-951-1916,
  • Tyrone Newsome, Director of Residential Communities, 215-951-6520,
  • TiRease Holmes, Director of Off-Campus & Commuter Communities, 215-991-2949,
  • Pete Lafferty, Coordinator for Information Management, 215-951-1669,
  • TBD, Housing Services Coordinator, 215-951-1550,
  • TBD, Administrative Assistant, 215-951-1373,
  • Andrea Naughton, Coordinator for Greek Life, Leadership and New Student Programs, 215-991-2957,
  • Holly Orr, Commuter Student Services Coordinator, 215-951-5057,
  • Kendrell Edwards, Off-Campus Community Coordinator, 215-951-1532,
  • Dennis Velez, Resident Coordinator: St. Katharine 215-991-2006,
  • Danielle Stine, Resident Coordinator:  St. Miguel, TC, LA 215-951-5056,
  • Dominique Simons-Bennett, Resident Coordinator: CAJH and BDG, 215-951-5160,
  • Molly McKeogh, Resident Coordinator:  St. Neumann, 215-991-2844,
  • TBD, Resident Coordinator:  St. Basil Court, 215-438-6791,