Reporting a Concern (Threads Team)

Reports to the Threads Team will be responded to during work hours Monday to Friday. If this is an On-Campus emergency you should call La Salle Security at 215-951-1300. If this an emergency Off-Campus call the Philadelphia Police at 911. 



The Threads Team strives, through collaboration between a variety of University personnel and resources, to provide a caring, comprehensive, and ongoing approach to identifying and helping those student members of the La Salle Community who are at risk.


The Threads Team will focus on the early recognition of students at risk, and provide suggestions for potential courses of action. The Threads Team understands that students may be at risk due to mental, physical, academic or spiritual health issues. While the primary focus will be on identifying and intervening with individuals, the Threads Team will use the information gathered in assisting individuals to identify campus-wide trends in areas of concern and alert appropriate administrators.


  • Receive, review, and catalogue information about community concerns regarding community member behavior.
  • Perform initial assessment of risk and report cases to individuals, offices and officials as needed for further assessment or intervention.
  • Develop specific strategies to manage at risk students while protecting the safety and rights of both the individual and University community.
  • Engage in ongoing refinement of Threads procedures and protocols to foster Team functioning and interface with the broader University community.
  • Identify University policies and procedures warranting further examination and report such matters to Vice President for Student Affairs.


Core standing membership which will meet weekly includes the Directors of Community Standards, the Student Counseling Center, and the Student Health Center; the Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center, University Ministry and Service, and a representative from Academic Learning and Support. The team advises the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Division of Student Affairs Leadership Team.

Report a Concern


Reports to the Threads team can be used to notify La Salle University officials about students who may need additional assistance, or may at risk in some way. Examples of risk factors may be poor academic performance and or attendance, family death or serious illness, change of mood, eating habits, personal hygiene, or sleep patterns, relationship issues, talking about or exhibiting excessive alcohol or drug use, mental health concerns, change in social behavior, use of computers or games, etc.

While reports can be made anonymously they limit the ability of the team to follow up and seek additional information. A report source will be kept confidential unless the safety of a student is at risk.