Meeting Minutes – October 10, 2002

At our first two meetings this year, we have discussed, collaborated on, or reviewed progress regarding the following topics and projects: the new Budget Viewer software, the new web site for the Provost’s Office, our meningitis vaccination program, the timeline for planning Travel Study courses, the 2003-2004 Budget calendar, strategic planning, the Academy for Leadership in Global Understanding proposal *, potential new academic components for Opening Weekend **, and the reinvigorated Pre-Law Advising Program ***. We will be reading Richard Light’s Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Minds in preparation for discussion later this semester. * A number of DSA offices, programs, and staff members have been and/or will be working with the projects and courses that will emerge from this proposal. More information will be forthcoming, after the Provost conveys the Council’s recommendations to the proposal’s sponsors, Prof. Bob Vogel and Prof. Marjie Allen. ** Prof. Bert Strieb, who presented several ideas, has been invited to work with our New Student Experiences Team this year, in follow-up to our Council discussion. *** To learn more about the program, contact program director Prof. Evie Cogan in the School of Business Adminstration.

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