Meeting Minutes – November 1, 2002

In addition to general daily business, announcements, and information-sharing, we focused on the following topics this week. We learned that our proposal to Coca Cola for sponsorship of our “date-rape drug” education project was accepted. Administrative Services and Health Services staffs will move forward with the project. We reviewed the Health Advisory Committee’s Blood Drive plans, helped initiate emergency planning for study abroad programs, and learned of the preliminary plans for the 2003 King’s Dream leadership and service program. We began to review the recent Marketing and Positioning Study, to add to Dr. C.’s contributions on our behalf to the Marketing Task Force. We discussed in detail the activities at the Belfield area during Homecoming and began to shape plans in response, in conjunction with our divisional alcohol education/culture-change initiative. We discussed in detail and began to shape a response to a situation in which a divisional staff member was the subject of allegedly abusive behavior. We reviewed, briefly, the draft version of the security survey recently conducted by SGA, Administrative Services, and Security and Safety, in preparation for receipt of and action in response to the final version in the near future. We reviewed Community Development’s proactive and reactive responses to vandalism and related acts. We reviewed and prepared to assist the efforts of the students who will sponsor this year’s second annual non-alcoholic All Campus Formal, as well as IFSC’s plans for next week’s (first annual?) all-campus Kick Ball tournament, and we reviewed the progress that is being made toward increased late night/weekend programming initiatives, in conjunction with the Athletic Department and Food Services. We collaborated on preparations to support SGA’s and other groups’ preparation for this week’s final event of Political Awareness Month, an open meeting with gubernatorial candidate Ed Rendell. We discussed and began plans to respond to some of the issues and needs that are surfacing as a result of our evolving parental/family notification policies regarding student disciplinary matters.

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