Meeting Minutes – November 8, 2002

In addition to general daily business, announcements, and information-sharing, we focused on the following topics this week. We reviewed progress on a number of upcoming events, including the Experiential Education/Call to Care Fair (11-07-02), the IFSC Kick-Ball Tournament (11-10-02), and the Blood Drive (11-12 & 13-02). We prepared for and then debriefed our 11-06-02 meeting with the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, during which we focused on the division’s contributions to the University’s strategic plan and the reports made to the committee by the leaders of the student organizations represented on The Point. We approved an initial proposal for improved Homecoming activities for fall, 2003, based on a synthesis of points raised during last week’s discussions regarding this year’s activities at the Belfield area and Dr. C. will advance them with the appropriate potential partners (Point leaders, University Advancement, etc.). We discussed progress made toward the development and implementation of a model for late night/weekend programming, in the planning stages for spring, 2003 piloting. We reviewed the recommendations made to the Provost and the Vice President for Enrollment Services by the International Student Services Structural Review Group, as well as progress in bringing the issues of SGA’s recent Security Survey to the fore.

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