Meeting Minutes – November 13, 2002

We continued our review and discussion of the goals, objectives, and timelines submitted by teams and committees associated with the Division of Student Affairs. We focused today on the materials submitted by the Senior Year Experiences Team and the Activities Funding Board; Dr. Cicala’s model for the needs of the various groups of students who make the transition from active enrollment to alumni status each year, to be presented at the Senior Year Experiences Team’s November 22 planning retreat; and the topics to be covered at the Activities Funding Board’s November 23 planning retreat, including the possibility of the first increase in the Student Activities Fee since its inception and the means for determining and monitoring the “mandatory set-asides” approved by the board each year.

We discussed the emerging “late night/weekend programming” initiative and the commitments made by the Athletic Department and Food Services to join with the Division of Student Affairs and student leaders in planning and funding a pilot program, focusing on both the Hayman Center and the La Salle Union, as early as this coming spring semester.

We briefly discussed parental/family notification policies in connection with student disciplinary matters and concurred with the conclusion reached at the November 6 meeting of the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees that the January 15 meeting of that committee be transformed into a educational meeting on this subject, to include that committee and this one, along with the Leadership Team of the Division of Student Affairs.

We discussed student concerns bout parking on campus lots and decided that Assistant Director of Security John Gallagher, who is responsible for campus parking, would be invited to an upcoming meeting of our committee.

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