Meeting Minutes – November 22, 2002

Our retreat was held at the Brother Augustine Center for Off-Campus and Commuter Students. The administrators and student members of the SYE Team attended. The retreat started with a presentation by Dr. Cicala on how the SYE Team has evolved, the charge he has given the SYE Team, and the different populations of graduating students at La Salle. Dr. Cicala used a Venn diagram to illustrate the different graduating populations and how it is important for the SYE Team to discover the commonalities and differences in order to devise a comprehensive plan for meeting their needs. We discussed the nature of change in groups since the SYE Team has gone through changes in our mission and duties. We also reviewed a theoretical framework for senior year experiences and how it is the responsibility for the Division of Student Affairs and our associates to respond to the needs of our students. We spent the rest of the afternoon compiling a list of the needs of undergraduate seniors (resident and commuter), evening/part-time seniors, and graduate students. We also compiled ideas to meet those specific needs with social and educational programming. We also discussed the ways to share information with the campus community such as current mailings, a website, a brochure to be printed in the beginning of the year, a spring retreat for juniors, and a committee to be a “clearinghouse” for communications with graduating students.

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