Meeting Minutes – December 6, 2002

In addition to general daily business, announcements, and information-sharing, we focused on the following topics this week. We discussed current and prospective approaches to ongoing safety and security issues, as well as staff and student feedback regarding current approaches, and we met with colleagues from Security and Safety and Physical Facilities to consider upgrades to security systems associated with the entrances to our student residences. We drafted an outline for our January 15 session for our team, the Student Affairs Committee, and the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees on parental notification policies in connection with student discipline. We considered and agreed to support a request from Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation to open our residences one day early for the spring semester in order to allow students to return to campus for the January 11 men’s basketball game and discussed the necessary revisions to our mid-year staff training and on-duty schedules. We shared updates regarding City Year internship opportunities for our students, in follow up to our recent long-term service showcase; began planning for the acquisition of new crosses, reflecting a variety of cultural heritages as do those in the Union, for our residential lounges; and began discussion of the recommendations regarding the level and means of disbursement of the Student Activities Fee that arose from the Activities Funding Board’s recent retreat.

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