Meeting Minutes – January 31, 2003

In addition to general daily business, announcements, and information-sharing, we focused on the following topics this month. We supported the efforts led by Community Development to bring our fourth annual King’s Dream leadership development program to fruition on January 20. We collaborated on the final phases of our efforts to ensure compliance with our meningtis vaccination requirements for residential students, reviewed and discussed, over the course of several meetings, potential needs and new models for residential staffing, and laid the groundwork for this semester’s Learning La Salle discussion series regarding our ongoing research into students’ experiences. We examined and approved proposed exceptions to our alcohol service polices in connection with March’s planned Blackthorne concert, discussed and continued to chart our participation in and support of the Campus Pipeline “portals” project, and assessed divisional needs for information technology software. We agreed upon Day ONE dates for Summer, 2003 and advanced our proposal to the Council of Deans. We met with the Asst. VP for Government and Community Relations to discuss potential new community resources for the University and our neighbors.

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