Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2003

The board held a dialogue with leaders in the Honors Program and Inter-Collegiate Athletic Program special housing needs. We discussed the special interest housing allocation provided to new and returning members of the Honor’s Program in Sts. Hilary and Jerome Halls. We discussed the current allocation for special housing (two townhouses) for members of the mens basketball team and the new request to add a similar accommodation for women’s basketball team (one townhouse). The following decisions have been made in regard to housing: – Continue to support what has already been in place for special housing for the honors program students. – Provide one townhouse for use by members of the women’s basketball team – Discourage the consideration of any further special housing interest groups until the housing demand and supply are in better alignment. The board will focus its time this semester on improving service facilities (public spaces, laundry rooms…) within campus residences.

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