Meeting Minutes – February 13, 2003

We further refined our forthcoming survey of faculty, staff, and administration regarding smoking in campus buildings and we received an update from Director of Security Bob Levins regarding the installation of and staff training for the use of our new Automated External Defibrillators. Our sub-committees are preparing reports, to be compiled into an overall report, regarding our review of the University’s compliance with the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services , as requested by the Dean of Students. We were informed of Human Resources’ progress in developing a survey regarding OSHA regulations, to be distributed to campus departments identified as high risk for contact with bloodbourne pathogens and bodily fluids and we learned of the Dean of Students’ directive that Community Development staff cease the practice of cleaning up such fluids and, instead, contact Physical Facilities staff. PF staff are to identify a cleaning liquid that may be poured onto a spill by CD staff as a temporary measure. We learned of the Activities Funding Board’s approval of Health Fair (March 25) funding. Director of Physical Facilities Mike Lopacki is scheduled to update us on ADA issues at our next (March 19) meeting.

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