Meeting Minutes – February 28, 2003

In addition to general daily business, announcements, and information-sharing, we focused on the following topics this month. We reviewed and outlined revisions for the 2003-04 housing reservations and assignments processes and Room Reservation Guide, discussed general and specific ways in which we can be helpful to the Core Curriculum faculty project to develop a customized text for the Freshman Year Odyssey courses, and agreed upon a timeline for the submission of several categories of proposed content items to Anna, our representative on two related committees, for the Campus Pipeline “portals” project. We discussed and, subsequently, collaborated with student leaders and colleagues from Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation on the development of strategies to enhance appropriate and dissuade or react to inappropriate fan behavior at men’s basketball games. We reviewed the work to date and to come from Career Services, Alumni Relations, and the School of Arts and Science on the expansion of the Alumni-on-Campus program, through which we facilitate career mentoring relationships between alumni and current students. We hosted a series of meetings between staff members, students, and representatives of the CampusPhilly project, designed to heighten students’ involvement with the cultural, educational, and social resources of our area. We received updates on the Association for Student Judicial Affairs conference, attended by Alan and several divisional staff members, and on the Conference on Student Government Associations, attended by Dr. Cicala and members of our Students’ Government Association, who also presented a workshop on our SGA and DSA work here at La Salle. We reviewed and sharpened the portions of the University’s emergency plans for which we are responsible and we reviewed and approved an amended version of a proposal from our Commuter and Off-Campus Students Association for new guidelines for commuter and off-campus students’ access to our campus residences. We monitored the planned and adjusted travel arrangements for the three Travel Study programs scheduled for European travel and the Project Appalachia service trip, all scheduled for Spring Break, as well as the second annual round of hazing education workshops implemented by Community Development and the Inter-Fraternity/Sorority Council at the beginning of the spring semester pledge period. We participated in the interview processes for our Community Coordinator for Leadership Development and Community Coordinator for Off-Campus and Commuter Students candidates.

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