Meeting Minutes – February 28, 2003

We met and discussed in more detail adding a larger active academic piece to Opening Weekend. We talked about having small group discussions on the Friday of Opening Weekend among the participants about an article or short story, not a book. Louise Giugliano, Megan Cahill, and Bert Strieb are moving forward with this idea. The DayONE and Opening Weekend curricula often overlap with FYO curriculum and the committee is attempting to make sure that the information is not redundant. Louise Giugliano will bring this information back to the FYO planning group. Neither subcommittee was able to meet due to inclement weather. However, the next goal of the DayONE subcommittee is to begin planning for the summer sessions. They are looking to identify specific presenters and give an exact time frame. The Opening Weekend subcommittee is now focused on the recruitment of team leaders and an effective way to downsize the typical size of the teams. As a result of making the teams smaller the committee is looking to get 80 team leaders as opposed to the 50 team leaders that are normally recruited. DayONE applications were due in Friday February 28th. Nearly 60 applications were picked up and interviews will begin this week.

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