Meeting Minutes – March 31, 2003

In addition to general daily business, announcements, and information-sharing, we participated in a national teleconference on terrorism and emergency preparedness, as they relate to college and university campuses, and hosted as our guests colleagues from Security and Physical Facilities, and began work to incorporate what we learned into our own emergency plans. We planned for and then responded, as needed, to issues associated with the start of U.S.-led military action in Iraq. 2003-2004 budget details were discussed and we opened searches for new and reclassified positions. (DSA position announcements are routinely advertised in La Salle’s Campus News and at on the web.) On a related note, our searches for new Community Coordinators for Leadership Development and Off-Campus and Commuter Students concluded successfully. The new coordinators are scheduled to join us in early April and early June, respectively. We initiated a Health Advisory regarding conjunctivitis (“pink eye”). We continued discussions of and planning to meet our student housing needs, as well as current and emerging needs of our off-campus and commuter students, and we began our annual coordination of divisional staff representation at and support of campus events from now through year’s end. We reviewed plans and proposals from a variety of groups for a variety of events, from portions of Anti-Hate Week to Senior Week and we discussed or initiated responses to a variety of situations, including safety and security and student press issues. We identified a group of divisional staff who may teach sections of the Core Curriculum’s Freshman Year Experience (FYO) course, in response to an invitation for increased association from the Core Curriculum Director and we also identified a group of staff who will attend together, on behalf of the division, a national conference on suicide, violence, and disruptive behavior on college campuses.

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