Meeting Minutes – April 14, 2003

From its inception in late November 2001, the Strategic Planning Task Force was charged to seek information and ideas from this Lasallian community to inform and support five strategic areas of emphasis that Brother Michael had identified. Over the course of the work of SPTF, we recommended that these five areas be slightly refocused and redefined. At that point, we interacted with all constituent groups on campus to obtain information about how each area’s objectives would support the strategic planning goals. From surveys and interviews, to working charts and draft upon draft, the task force crafted a document that was presented to the Board of Trustees for comment and approval. One of the last items we addressed was to provide suggestions about how to communicate with the students, faculty, and staff about progress being made. We also made recommendations about how to gather information from these groups to inform the plan as it changes. By late December 2002, the stewardship of the Strategic Plan moved back to the President of the University and the Director of Planning.

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