Meeting Minutes – April 18, 2003

In addition to general daily business, announcements, and information-sharing, we reviewed Dr. C.’s draft of a survery to assess characteristics and needs of our off-campus and commuter students and prepared for this week’s joint meeting of the Academic Affairs and Student Affairs Committees of the Board of Trustees. Alan and Lane are working on a proposal to revise the structure and levels of fines for students who violate our alcohol and other drug policies, for our review and approval prior to the next meeting of the University’s Student Affairs Committee. Anna provided an update on the work of the International Education Executive Team. We shared observations about students experiences with end-of-year academic experiences and the impacts on those experiences of environmental factors, including the scheduling of final examinations and assessments prior to the final examination week. We plan to propose a joint professional development series, perhaps held annually or twice a year, for Academic and Student Affairs faculty and staff to enable us to share our perceptions across traditional organizational lines and collaborate accordingly.

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