Meeting Minutes – April 30, 2003

We reviewed the announcements for the several staff searches currently underway in the Division of Student Affairs and considered three proposals for revision of University policies and procedures. The first centered on increases of the fines associated with violations of our alcohol and other drug policies, developed in response to the discussion we had at our March 31 meeting, and the relationship of the fines structure to the educational alternative sanctions program. The second centered on the new, more specific statement of policies and procedures regarding mandatory psychological and/or medical evaluation of students in situations that pose threats to their well-being or that of the University community. Following discussion, during which a number of suggestions for further refinement were made, we agreed to support both of those proposals, subject to final revision by the Dean of Students and review by the Provost, the President, and our legal counsel. The third proposal, which we also supported, centered on the revised membership and charge statement prepared by the Student Press Committee. The final versions of all these revisions will be reflected in the 2003-2004 edition of the Student Handbook/Student Guide to Rights and Responsibilities.

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