Meeting Minutes – May 31, 2003

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we planned for and made 2003-2004 appointments to our various divisional teams and University committees; reviewed and made plans to proceed with the new and/or revised policies concerning alcohol and other drug policy violation fines and mandatory psychological and medical evaluation and withdrawal approved by the Student Affairs Committee in late April; reviewed plans for Day ONE student and professional staff training and the assignment of Day ONE student Hosts to divisional offices for the balance of their summer work; monitored and/or received updates regarding “Senior Week” and the various Travel Study trips while they were in progress; developed recommendations for policies regarding students, faculty, and staff who may be traveling to campus from SARS-affected areas of the world for both summer sessions and the fall semester; gave final approval for the new, 12-month, multi-dimensional model that has been created and will be implemented for the division by our Staff Development Team in 2003-2004, beginning in June; received updates about the progress of the Portal Action Team and our involvement, particularly, with the student “MyLaSalle” page; and continued our work to provide information about and from our various units for inclusion in or links from that page. In response to the unanticipated resignation of Director of Administrative Services Jack Humma in late April, a search for a new Director was mounted, conducted, and completed, in tandem with the already in progress search for a new Associate Director. Jeff Hershberger and Sean Killion were selected for the respective positions and are to assume their new responsibilities in mid-June. We then developed and approved plans for their welcome and orientation.

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