Meeting Minutes – August 31, 2003

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we reviewed new residential room condition inventory forms and procedures; training schedules for RAs and CAs, student organization leaders (with particular emphasis on the new, all-University sessions developed by our Staff Development Team), and Security Desk Receptionists (SDRs); University Life’s schedule for international students’ orientation; and plans for this year’s first annual all-division Judicial Training Day, led by Community Development. We reviewed and passed on to various divisional staff for further action materials received from Philadelphia Telco credit union and Hyatt Legal Plans, the latter a purveyor of legal aid “insurance” for students.

We discussed plans to review and, if appropriate, display in the Union a collection of antique bottles offered by La Salle Art Museum curator Br. Daniel Burke. We received several updates and had several discussions concerning the mylasalle portal project, prior to and after its August 15 start date, with particular emphasis on troubleshooting, the plans to pilot the “discussion groups” feature with the student organizations represented in The Point, and the Enrollment Services plan, about which we were asked to comment, to engage a small group of students in the creation of ongoing word and picture “diaries” for the portal. We began discussion of the need for cross-unit, if not all-divisional, training for student workers in offices and mailrooms, particularly those of Administrative Services and Community Development.

We were apprised of and discussed plans for the new computerized guest registration systems being piloted by Administrative Services in the north residence halls; the emerging Late Night La Salle program series; the upcoming Latin Fiesta; and the second anniversary commemoration of September 11, 2001, to be led by Students’ Government Association (SGA) and University Ministry and Service. We also were apprised of Career Services’ upcoming schedule of orientations for seniors and Health Services’ plans for this year’s Peer Educators training weekend. The list of SGA appointees to divisional and other University committees was distributed and plans and staff schedules for Opening Weekend were developed and agreed upon. Co-lateral assignments for Resident Directors were discussed and developed and a date was set for this semester’s meeting with the Board of Trustees’ Student Affairs Committee, which will center on a guided discussion, to be developed by Dr. Cicala and Dr. Neubauer, of issues and needs with student leaders. We began discussion of a strategy to eliminate smoking from our student residences and took the first steps toward the development of new strategies to address acts of intolerance that may occur in our community.

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