Meeting Minutes – September 5, 2003

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we received updates regarding ongoing and upcoming events including Branch-Out, the welcome dinner for new student liturgical ministers, Latin Fiesta, September 11 commemorative events, Career Services Orientations, and Leadership Day.

We discussed details of our Resident Directors’ co-lateral assignments, means of access to students’ class schedules in order to schedule judicial hearings, various facets of the implementation of the mylasalle portal, and international graduate students’ career services/placement issues and needs, which are on the agenda of our International Education Management Team, as well.

We examined in detail the acts of intolerance reported to date in our community this year and developed reactive and proactive strategies to complement and supplement those already applied and/or in place. A new diversity awareness and promotion campaign will be developed in association with student leaders and organizations, beginning with the next meeting of The Point and the invitation of Phoenix Society members to an upcoming Leadership Team meeting. A summary will be provided and an outreach for associated efforts will be made to key faculty and administrative representative and governance bodies. Presenters and facilitators of upcoming University events will be specifically encouraged to include clear messages about our values regarding diversity and our community standards whenever and wherever possible.

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