Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2003

This meeting was called at the request of the Dean of Students, with the particular task of conducting a post-publication review of the September 3 issue of The Collegian. At the start of the meeting, congratulations by Brother Emery Mollenhauer on the August 27 issue were read aloud, along with an internship and scholarship opportunity for students. Discussion then moved to the September 3 issue, and most of the remaining time was spent discussion that issue’s CAKE page. Lengthy discussion about the University’s relationship to The Collegian, the current vacant position of advisor to The Collegian, whether particular elements of the CAKE page are offensive to readers, the nature of satire, and the parallel process of judicial charges being brought against The Collegianwere discussed. The members of the Student Press Committee voted, upon a motion brought forth by a committee member, to advise the Dean of Students to consider dropping the judicial charges in favor of a different vehicle for discussion. The alcohol drink specials that were promoted on page 23 of the same issue also were briefly discussed. The appointment of a new advisor, faculty comment on reproductive rights advertisements, the web version of The Collegianwere tabled due to time constraints.

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