Meeting Minutes – September 18, 2003

Following a moment of prayer, all members were introduced and our charge statement was reviewed. Our guest today, Professor of Biology Annette O’Connor, presented for our consideration, as she also was invited to do for the Division of Student Affairs Leadership Team on September 17, the idea that we broaden training and/or information-dissemination regarding our disciplinary systems and procedures to include, potentially, a small corps of faculty and staff members who might complement the work of our current judicial officers by serving as informed advocates and/or advisors for students who might be involved in disciplinary situations. The idea, which Prof. O’Connor and Dr. Cicala discussed informally last year and which Dr. Cicala subsequently reviewed with one of our Judicial Boards, was received positively by our committee, as it had been by the DSA Leadership Team. The latter will develop one or more operational plans, for discussion with our committee and others, and believes this can be a valuable complement to the work that already has been underway over the past few years to broaden and deepen the involvement of Lasallians beyond the Community Development unit and the Dean of Students’ Office in our primarily educational judicial system.

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