Meeting Minutes – September 19, 2003

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we coordinated efforts to prepare for and/or respond to the needs presented by Hurricane Isabel, reviewed the efforts made by others in our community in response to our call for association in combatting acts of intolerance, discussed the draft plan developed by Mr. Hershberger and others to enhance security in the La Salle Union, and began consideration of a request from the Registrar that we consider making some of the Union rooms available for class meetings. We focused attention on responses to several off-campus situations involving students, student organizations, and student safety, and reviewed draft safety-tips letters prepared for students by our Students’ Government Association. We met with Biology Prof. Annette O’Connor to discuss her idea that we broaden training and/or information-dissemination regarding our disciplinary systems and procedures to include, potentially, a small corps of faculty and staff members who might complement the work of our current judicial officers by serving as informed advocates and/or advisors for students who might be involved in disciplinary situations. Dr. Cicala also arranged for Prof. O’Connor to present this idea for discussion at this week’s Student Affairs Committee meeting. Based on both discussions, our team will develop possible operational plans in the near future. It also was suggested by Br. Echelmeier that we take this opportunity to further examine the language we use to describe our judicial/disciplinary procedures, with an eye toward continued movement away from legal terminology and toward educational terminology. In addition, we met, as we do each semester, with the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees and the student leaders of the Point organizations, and examined, based on student-generated lists, positive elements and elements that need improvement in the student experience at La Salle. The results of our discussion will inform the shaping of divisional priorities in the weeks and months to come.

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