Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2003

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we reviewed the usage patterns for La Salle Union rooms, as we continued to consider the request made by the Registrar that some be used for classes (see last week’s update) and moved forward our plan to assess the computer hardware and software needs of all divisional staff and offices. We reviewed and helped further develop the plan devised by Mr. Hershberger and the Administrative Services staff to establish a mylasalle-based system for reporting maintenance needs for student residences and other divisional facilities and learned from Dr. Neubauer of the successful conclusion to Health Services’ search for a new Administrative Assistant. Dr. Cicala distributed annual new funding request materials received from the Provost’s Office and asked that all requests be submitted by Friday, October 3 to Mr. H. for his and Dr. C.’s review. They also have arranged two meetings for next week to deepen Mr. H.’s responsibilities for divisional financial management and for both of them to establish and/or deepen familiarity with Information Technology’s WebFinance tool, in preparation for providing that tool to all L-Team members. (On a related note, Dr. C. asked Mr. H. to confer with Director of Physical Facilities Mike Lopacki so we and our associated in Physical Facilities can speak in unison regarding requests for capital or other improvements to the student residences.) Dr. C. also introduced for future discussion the need for further University-wide dialogue, following his recent brief discussions with RSA and SGA, about ending smoking in the student residences. Mr. Wendell briefed us on the status of fall fraternity/sorority rush and Ms. Allen briefed us on the progress of plans for this year’s pilot “Royalty and Student Leaders Brunch,” to be co-sponsored by Alumni Relations and DSA during Homecoming Weekend. We developed a basic plan for engaging both the Community Development staff and members of our team in structured dialogue with our off-campus students over the next few weeks, to help all concerned gain deeper appreciation for those students’ needs and the University’s expectations of them. Br. Echelmeier reminded us of the upcoming (October 4) Branch-Out and Mr. Lamorte briefed us on the success of this week’s “Vanguard Day.”

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