Meeting Minutes – October 3, 2003

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we discussed this year’s flu shots program (Dr. Neubauer is working with the School of Nursing to determine whether or not the Neighborhood Nursing Center will be giving shots to faculty and staff this year, so that the Student Health Center’s plans may be made or adjusted accordingly), divisional participation in upcoming Admissions open houses (coordinated by Ms. Allen), and recent developments with the School of Business Administration’s Co-Op Scholars proposal and the Alumni-on-Campus network recently expanded to include School of Arts and Sciences’ departments (based on Mr. Lamorte’s involvement in both). We were apprised by Mr. Wendell of a recent spate of telephone harassment incidents and the strategies being employed in response. We approved a request from The Alliance for National Coming-Out Day “sidewalk chalk” messages (and also decided to meet with Physical Facilities staff to devise more detailed guidelines for “sidewalk-chalking”) and made further progress in response to the Art Museum’s request that we display a collection of antique bottles in the La Salle Union, both matters brought to the table by Mr. Hershberger. We responded, in association, to the needs of a student and the community, in response to a recent report of sexual assault, with the most visible of those responses in the form of a safety alert via both mylasalle and posted fliers. We discussed further our plans to engage the community in consideration of a timeline for ending smoking in the student residences and we continued our discussion of theme/special interest housing options. Dr. Cicala informed the team of our upcoming meeting with Prof. Mary McCall, of our sister Lasallian school St. Mary’s University (California), regarding her research into Lasallian schools’ service to the poor and also informed us that our team’s proposal to conduct a pre-conference workshop for this year’s American College Personnel Association (ACPA) national convention, to be held in April in Philadelphia, has been accepted. The workshop will be entitled “Organizational and Cultural Transformation: Relationships, Community, Involvement, Learning.”

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