Meeting Minutes – October 10, 2003

We reviewed the comments from the staff members who facilitated the academic discussions. It was suggested that a team of four or five members be appointed to plan the academic portion of next year’s Opening Weekend program. In regard to the reading, it was suggested that the group solicit ideas from faculty for a short story, possibly written by a La Salle faculty member. It would be helpful if we could get permission from the author to put a link to the selection on the web. Revisions to the surveys regarding Day ONE and Opening Weekend were approved, and they will be emailed to the staff and students leaders who participated. The student survey regarding Opening Weekend will be distributed through the FYO classes. In our efforts to improve Day ONE and Opening Weekend, we will continue to focus on improving programs regarding diversity and alcohol and other drugs. In regard to acts of intolerance, we will seek to find ways to impact our returning students prior to summer break, as we believe that our new students are not to blame for all of these acts. We will attempt to educate our incoming students in regard to the workload they will experience in college, and possibly provide them with a list of skills necessary to succeed in college.

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