Meeting Minutes – October 10, 2003

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we discussed Family Weekend events and last week’s divisional “mylasalle” staff development sessions in which several of us were involved and upcoming meetings with Lasallians from other parts of the country with whom we will be meeting over the next few months in support of their research into the work of Lasallian schools nationwide. We prepared our divisional requests for new funding for the Provost’s review and continued our discussion of theme/special interest housing, in preparation for the October 9 Council of Deans meeting. At that meeting, the Council accepted our proposal that we further develop our current theme housing alternatives for Honors students and student athletes (with an expansion of the latter to any students with overall interest in health and fitness) and that we continue our discussion of theme/special interest housing as a possible programmatic approach to the new residence we plan to open in 2005. We welcomed as guests outgoing Director of Security Bob Levins and incoming Director Mark Dorsey. We reviewed Dr. Cicala’s draft response to the Student Press Committee’s work and recommendations regarding the September 3 issue of The Collegian. Br. Echelmeier informed us that, due to the specifics of this semester’s academic calendar and final examination schedule, the traditional “Midnight Liturgy” does not seem practical in early December and will be replaced by an enhanced celebration of the Sunday liturgy on December 7. Dr. Neubauer apprised us of forthcoming themes for issues of La Salle Magazine and requested that ideas in support of those themes be sent to University Communications.

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