Meeting Minutes – October 16, 2003

We approved revisions to student organization disciplinary procedures, brought forward by the Division of Student Affairs Leadership Team, that add “conduct warning” to the list of available sanctions and introduce a preliminary hearing process, so that all matters needn’t proceed directly to the Judicial Board level. We learned of the progress made by the Division in responding to the proposal made by Prof. Annette O’Connor at our last meeting; January and August information and training sessions, in conjunction with those already offered to Division staff members, are being developed for any and all faculty and staff members who wish to learn more about, in order to advise students regarding, judicial matters. We also approved the suggestion of one of our members that student organization leaders be invited/included, as well. We reviewed and approved the goals of the Health Advisory Committee, and suggested an additional matter for the committee’s attention. We welcomed as our guest Professor Paul Brazina and discussed his proposal that we consider the creation of an academic integrity code. We agreed that discussion of this idea also would be advanced through Students’ Government Association and the Academic Affairs Committee, with an eye toward community discussion and, then, if the idea has support, to develop and implement such a code.

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