Meeting Minutes – October 17, 2003

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we learned of University Ministry and Service’s successful weekend retreat for new students and began a discussion, to be continued at our mid-year retreat, about standardizing and enhancing policies and procedures for staff searches. We learned of upcoming programs and events from Health Services and our Peer Educators and of emerging means for sending “mylasalle” announcements targeted to particular academic majors and student residences. We advanced a plan, that subsequently was lent support by the Student Affairs Committee, to add “conduct warning” to the list of available sanctions and introduce a preliminary hearing process, so that all matters needn’t proceed directly to the Judicial Board level. We reviewed and approved the measures that have been and will be taken to help students who have not yet met their immunization and/or health information requirements meet them, so they will be able to register for spring semester classes. We discussed and prioritized divisional funding requests in preparation for the Dean’s forthcoming review of those requests with the Provost. We reviewed, approved, and distributed the latest in our series of diversity education fliers.

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