Meeting Minutes – October 29, 2003

We were excited to announce our calendar events for the year last week. In addition, we launched the new La Salle Virtue of the month program, which is an electronic reflection of one virtue each month with questions. The goal is to compile all shared reflections to be posted for all DSA members to view and learn from. In other news, the Assessment workshop is complete and went well, though attendance was not very high. We have confirmed our next Oct/Nov event for “Performance Reviews”, and will have Dee Wendell from Accenture present on Nov. 14th. We are also finalizing the structure for our book club discussions (coming in November) and generating questions to guide and promote healthy discussions. The selected chapter is # 2 “Student Development and the Catholic University”. Also, we have finalized plans for the Holiday party, which will include a prayer service, nice lunch (menu still to be determined), a fun talent showcase, and a winter clothing drive to be donated to a charity. Our attention must now shift to preparing for January Workshop and other spring events.

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