Meeting Minutes – November 6, 2003

We learned of the progress of Collegian advisor selection (our committee and the Dean of Students have made a recommendation to the Provost) and made plans to request input from the new advisor regarding a process for Collegian post-publication review, the first of which will center on the issue published today.

We received a report about the outcomes of the Collegian’s October 16 Judicial Board Hearing. The charge of a potential violation of regulation number 8, which prohibits “lewd, indecent, immoral, or obscene conduct” was dropped before the hearing began (see below). In connection with the remaining charge, the Judicial Board found the Collegian responsible for a violation of the University’s Guidelines for Marketing Alcoholic Beverages and placed the Collegian on probation for one issue (October 30).

Subsequent to the decision to drop the charge of “lewd, indecent, immoral, or obscene conduct,” the Dean of Students asked our committee to contribute to the process of defining those terms. Following discussion, the issue was tabled until our next meeting.

We discussed how we should or might address the portion of our charges for the year, which include “improve the campus culture regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs.” Several potential action steps were brought to the table and we may invite Dr. Robert Chapman of Health Services as a possible guest speaker to contribute to our discussion.

We continued our discussions of possible course credit or payment for student media staffers and we noted for the record ongoing concerns for the Collegian staff with hardware, software, and Internet connections in the Collegian offices.

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