Meeting Minutes – November 20, 2003

The Board focused on reviewing the set aside budgets and other pertinent Board issues for this meeting. The Board heard from the administrators who oversee the Bus Budget, Late Night La Salle, Activities Programming Funding, Resident Student Association (RSA), and the Commuter and Off-Campus Student Association (CAOS). Athletics was not present at the meeting. (A report was received after the meeting, via email). All budget set-aside reports were satisfactory to the board. The Board discussed a Leadership Fund to support 3-4 leadership programs. This fund, if approved, would be overseen by an advisory group and include students, faculty and administrators. The Board discussed annual events with a three to four year history, and how to facilitate the funding process for these events. It was felt that events like Anti-Hate Week, CAJHFest, the Health Fair, Take Back The Night, StressBuster Week, King’s Dream, and the Commencement Year Experience usually submit a budget proposal and attend a Funding Board meeting and are granted the request quickly. Ideas included a written proposal that can be reviewed by the Board, but attendance by the sponsoring group is only needed every other year at a meeting. Other ideas included granting a proposal if it is not over a certain percentage increase from the previous year. A caution was cited about being alert to changes and transitions in leadership of groups. The Board recognized the fact that there is a large balance. Some ideas suggested: – New vans for the university and student use – Duplicating/workroom for student groups – Student organization space with lockable cabinets – Sound system for student group use

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