Meeting Minutes – November 21, 2003

300 potential donors for the Fall Blood drive were recruited through the efforts of the PEER Educators, SGA, Public Relations Club, and Health Advisory Committee, with 240 individuals actually presenting themselves at the drive. 168 pints of blood were collected. The 2004 Health Fair will be called “Wellness Expo 2004.” Vendors are currently being contacted. No response has been received from the President’s Team concerning our recommendations regarding making classroom and office buildings smoke free. Two health issues were brought to the committee’s attention by members of the La Salle University community – the risk of bed bugs and concern about the lack of hand washing after using the restrooms. Although no cases of bedbugs have been found at La Salle, the community will suggest that Administrative Services include in the housing letter to residential students, the suggestion to pack a plastic mattress cover. The committee also will launch a campaign to educate about the importance of hand washing which will include a flyer in campus news, a blurb for the portal and a booth at the Wellness Expo addressing this issue.

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