Meeting Minutes – November 26, 2003

The November Readers Club has concluded, and the staff that attended enjoyed an opportunity to discuss “Student Development and the Catholic University”. Discussions centered not only on the selected reading, but included individual experiences in regards to working at Catholic institutions. Overall, the staff found the program to be a good way to discuss how the values of La Salle and our training/student development background should and can influence how we do the work we do. Evaluations were very positive, and the SDT will be offering another Readers Club at the January Workshop. Also, the second “Lasallian Virtue of the Month” email program has been sent out. In October, very few responses were shared with the team. For November, SDT members will be encouraging their units to utilize this as a discussion during staff meetings. In December, SDT will review the effectiveness and use of the program. As the semester draws to a close, we are busy getting ready for the annual Holiday Party and January Workshop. The menu for the holiday party has been confirmed, and invitations went out this week. The event will include some traditions and some new ideas such as the continuation of our Talent Showcase and a new dessert potluck idea! For the January workshop, a tentative schedule and presentations has been created and members of the team are contacting presenters to finalize the schedule. The workshop will be conference style with 12-14 sessions offered covering three main focuses: Lasallian, Professional Development and Personal Development. Staff will select from such sessions as: Learning at La Salle, Retention of La Salle Students, Healthy Lifestyles, Working with Students in Crisis, Personal Investing, and the DSA Readers Club. We are excited about how the day is coming together and are confident it will be a great day of learning and developing in association with one another.

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