Meeting Minutes – December 4, 2003

We learned of the Health Advisory Committee’s affirmative response to our recommendation that attention to sexually transmitted diseases be added to the HAC’s goals and of Students’ Government Association’s acceptance of the challenge to engage in examination of the potential for an academic integrity code. We agreed that our January meeting will focus on an overview of the goals and objectives of all teams and committees associated with the Division of Student Affairs. We met with the Director and Assistant Director of Security and Safety to discuss emerging needs and plans associated with the short-term and long-term changes in the use of University parking lots that will be raised by, respectively, the construction of new residence and dining facilities on the southern portion of campus and the new demands that will be placed on lots in that area when those facilities are complete and several hundred more resident students are living nearby. They are actively seeking consultation with a variety of groups, including our committee and Students’ Government Association. Proposed solutions and plans will be brought forward in the near future.

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