Meeting Minutes – December 5, 2003

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we discussed reactive and proactive responses to off-campus students’ security preparedness over University break periods, and endorsed a plan developed by Community Development and Security and Safety to provide informational fliers and complimentary light timers to off-campus students. We learned of and alerted the community about the passing of one of our students, and joined in association with others in a memorial prayer service for him. We outlined issues that seem to indicate the need for commonly agreed upon protocols, if not procedures, for sharing information across organizational lines in the University community regarding students who may be at academic or personal risk and we will ask that the ideas and potential solutions be considered by the Council of Deans. We reviewed the draft Academic Calendar for 2004-2005, to help Dr. C. prepare to represent our views at the December 5 Academic Affairs Committee meeting and we reviewed and refined supportive information to help Dr. C. prepare to represent our needs and plans at the December 4 President’s Cabinet review of new funding requests and other facets of the 2004-2005 budget-development process. We reviewed and slightly clarified the policies of the Bus Fund and set the dates for our spring, 2004 “Learning La Salle” series of discussions of our ongoing research into our students’ experiences. Mr. Wendell led a divisional team to a regional conference at Princeton on addressing issues associated with sexual assault on college campuses.

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