Meeting Minutes – December 12, 2003

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we set the dates for the spring “Learning La Salle” series, at which we annually present for discussion among the University community the results of our ongoing research into students’ experiences and we learned of our La Salle team’s experiences at last week’s regional conference on sexual assault issues and strategies. We discussed issues associated with a proposal to reclassify one of the professional positions in our division and potential ramifications for other positions and personnel. We reviewed the plans for the January 9 “Judicial Day,” to which members of the faculty and staff from the rest of the University community will be invited, to deepen our association in regard to student disciplinary policies and procedures. We learned the results of Dr. C.’s representation of our recommendations as the plans for the new residence hall became more final. Dr. N. raised concerns expressed by the Alcohol and Other Drug Program staff regarding alcohol-related paraphernalia on sale at the Campus Store; this item will be carried for further discussion.

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