Meeting Minutes – December 15, 2003

We completed our discussions of the various evaluations of Day ONE and Opening Weekend from the perspectives of students, para-professional staff and staff/faculty. We identified only a few consistent observations and we then asked ourselves what that means about our evaluation techniques. The Day ONE evaluation form used during the summer was prohibitively long and subsequently gave us minimal complete data. We continued to struggle with the issue of evaluating characteristics and learning that students may themselves be unaware of, especially immediately following the experience. A better source for identifying issues/needs might be the nationally based tools that are part of the “Learning La Salle” series conducted by the Division of Student Affairs. Our sub-group that is working on the academic dialogue program for Opening Weekend has received positive support from many faculty members and will work early in the spring semester to select a discussion focus (reading or other inspiration), hopefully the product of a La Salle University community member, that will inspire an active positive dialogue more as the primary goal, substance of the dialogue is secondary. Two issues that have been identified for deeper inclusion in NSET programs are students’ and families’ awareness and intentional decision-making regarding the financial realities of attending La Salle University and expectations of students’ behavior through policies and the disciplinary system. Both of these items are targeted for additional discussion during the Day ONE-ON-ONEs and potentially the Day ONE student program “What are you doing at 2:00 am.?”. Finally, we discussed the plans for welcoming new students to the community in January for the spring semester. DSA staff members are being recruited to schedule one-on-one appointments with each student and there will be an open-house style breakfast on the first day of class for the spring semester.

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