Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2004

We were very pleased with the January Workshop, and feedback from divisional staff was very positive. After reviewing the feedback, we decided to add to and/or change some of our spring workshops. A new calendar will be out soon and will include topics such as: Customer Service and Student Affairs, Identifying Warning Signs for Students in Crisis, Legal Issues in Higher Education, and another installment of the DSA Readers Club! Watch for more information coming soon. The next SD event, Late Night with Student Affairs, is just around the corner. Scheduled for Feb 12, Late Night will begin with divisional attendance at a women’s basketball game and end with our annual late night breakfast for students, served by staff. Information for signing up for this event will be out soon!! Plans for the end of the year luncheon are also in the works. We are exploring different locations, including Williamson’s, Constitution Center, Kimmel Center, Camden Aquarium, and more.

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