Meeting Minutes – January 16, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we joined our divisional associates in the annual welcome breakfast for new students and discussed, in review, last week’s successful Judicial Day and Professional Development Day and the weekend’s re-opening of the student residences and information and support outreaches to off-campus students. We reviewed spring semester assignments for division members who are teaching courses and began our preparations of the list of members who might be candidates to teach FYO sections next fall, as well as concerns, which will be discussed at this week’s Council of Deans meeting, about sections that have been scheduled during the universal free period. We continued our discussion of, and, with the help of several student organizations and colleagues in other areas of the university, developed and advanced plans to ensure that students’ viewing of the Eagles’ appearance in the NFC Championship Game and, if possible, celebration of an Eagles victory, might be carried out in safe manner. Ms. Allen informed us that Monday’s SEVIS site visit from federal representatives regarding our services to international students went well. Dr. C. was to be away for the weekend, on annual retreat with our Students’ Government Association.

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