Meeting Minutes – January 20, 2004

We briefly discussed issues that may arise, and measures we might be able to take or request, for summer and other events and programs in connection with the forthcoming construction of our new residential and dining facilities on south campus, as well as the expansion of facilities at the Bucks Center. Mr. Hershberger and Dr. Cicala, from their respective levels of involvement in the construction and communication groups involved with the project, will help bring emerging issues and needs to light and will help keep information flowing. Mr. Hershberger, Ms. Hopkins, and Ms. Murphy agreed to preview the various events-scheduling software packages of which we have become aware, and will invite Ms. Veltri to join them, in preparation for selecting and arranging a demonstration at our next (February 17) meeting of the one that best seems to meet our needs. Ms. Heenan offered thanks to all involved for their help with what was, by all reports, a successful inter-session, and brought to our attention that the Lasallian Volunteers, who have been absent from our summer conference schedule for several years, will return this summer. Sarah distributed an up-to-date copy of the master calendar her office creates and maintains, and all are encouraged to continue to list events on both that calendar and on the University Events calendar on mylasalle.

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