Meeting Minutes – January 23, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we learned of the successful first annual Students’ Government Association Retreat in which Dr. C. participated (this year’s focuses were relationship building between members and among classes, as well as Basketball Marathon planning) and we participated, along with many others from the division, the Provost, and 150 of our students in our fifth annual King’s Dream program for emerging leaders. We devised a list of our division’s needs in connection with the University’s new graphic identity program, in preparation for an upcoming meeting with University Communications; learned of Administrative Services’ efforts, in association with Physical Facilities and our contractor, to deal with winter season infestation problems; and began in earnest our planning for support of and preparation for response(s) to expressions of contrasting points of view in response to our Masque’s upcoming production of The Laramie Project. We discussed, as well, emerging plans for special interest housing; we will continue Honors housing and establish a Health and Fitness area this coming fall, and we are considering creating a series of special interest units in our new residence hall when it opens in fall, 2005. Dr. C. and Mr. Wendell were to be away for the weekend with associates and students on our third annual Greek Organization Leaders Retreat.

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